F1 Standart
They are equipment side-mounted to the tanks or reservoirs that allow receiving ???Normally Open??? or ???Normally Closed??? dry contacts at the points where change of level is desired without any external power supply.
    F1 I Type
    The operating range was increased more than F1 Standart by extending the float arm. In this way, it is possible to shorten running-up times of the pump and solenoid valves.
      F1 Z TYPE
      It is designed by taking into consideration the constructional differences between the point of level control and installation point of the equipment. It is especially used in the asymmetrical reservoir and tank applications frequently seen in the shipbuilding industry.

        F1 Ex Proof
        They are certificated level switches with Ex-Proof junction box sought for Ex-Proof conditions.
          F1 standart with flange
          They are flange level switches manufacturing as per DIN, ANSI, JIS or special connection norms. Thus mounting in any flange size can be performed without change of the current connection type.

            MF1 Mini
            They are level switches side-mounted to the tank or reservoir, compliant for thread connection of 1/2??? or 1???, receiving dry contacts ???Normally Open??? or ???Normally Closed???. It??? s suitable for open and low pressure tanks.

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